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Oriental Legend Online

Story derived from thousands of years ago, when Buddha perceived chaotic behavior in mankind, he decided to appoint his apprentice [Tang San-Zang] to set on Journey to The West...

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Dark Of Three Ancient Kingdom

《Dark Of Three Ancient Kingdoms》is the first DOTA strategic game using the Three Kingdoms story background. In the game, there are more than one hundred of the Three Kingdoms...

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We Dance

A whole new breed of casual dancing game developed by our experienced team. Exquisite rhythms, gorgeous moves, and trendy songs are here to deliver fantastic amusements....

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Feng Shen Dao 2

[Feng Shen Dao 2] is one great roleplaying webgame you shouldn't miss, crafted with the inspiration from [Water Margin] series. Start blending in, and endeavors the true justice...

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War of Legends 2

[War of Legends 2] represents a new era for mythical strategic war game. Be hold of sensational wars between Gods for respected supremacy! You will be amazed by our...

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Back to 3Kingdom

First and ever strategic webgame created purposely for the lady in need! A fusion of time travel, cuteness, mystery and fantasy will lead you to the turbulent days centuries back. Witness the...

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Conquest of Thrones 3D

[COT] is a web-powered game, blending in element of strategic war and roleplaying. Achieve higher level and better merits by quest/kill mobs/practice, and pursue for...

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